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The New Flame Advantage

Builders frequently turn to propane for clean, powerful off-grid heat. Whether the project calls for a single tank, community tank or underground tank, you can count on New Flame Propane for the best advice, priority scheduling and flexible billing and payment options that give you a real competitive advantage. And at New Flame Propane, we don’t just install tanks for our contractor clients, we build relationships. New Flame Propane offers you greater control over the whole installation process, ensuring that projects are completed on time and on budget.

After installation, count on New Flame Propane for the best ongoing fill services with options for priority service, automatic delivery and online ordering and account maintenance. Multiple delivery and payment options ensure your propane service is worry-free and right for you.

Tank Sizes

120 Gallon Vertical (420)

Height: 4.5’ / Diameter: 30” / Weight: 270 lbs. / Footprint: 36”

120 Gallon Horizontal

Length: 5.5’ / Diameter: 24” / Weight: 252 lbs. / Footprint: 36” x 19”

250 Gallon Horizontal

Length: 7.5’ / Diameter: 31.5” / Weight: 472 lbs. / Footprint: 42” x 14”

500 Gallon Horizontal

Length: 10’ / Diameter: 38” / Weight: 921 lbs. / Footprint: 60” x 15”

1000 Gallon Horizontal

Length: 16’ / Diameter: 41” / Weight: 1,731 lbs. / Footprint: 9’ x 19”

Group of different sized propane tanks.

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