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Does your tank need to be recertified? All DOT Tanks need to be recertified within 12 years of the date of manufacture and have the proper valve if under 40lbs. You can look on the collar of the tank to find the date stamp. If your tank needs certification we can do that! 

Click the link above to buy and schedule a time. After you can take your tank or tanks to be inspected at our Filling Station.Β 
Propane cylinder requalification, also known as propane tank recertification, is a checkup on the safety of your propane container. We will inspect the cylinder for dents, gouges, bulges, heat/fire damage, damage to welds, rust, and corrosion that could pose a risk of problems, like a leak.

Propane containers have a manufacture date stamped onto their collar (the metal piece that comes out of the main tank, often used as a handle). Depending on the original manufacture date, the container must be recertified by a professional again 12 years from the date to ensure its continued use.Β Our visual inspection extends the refilling life to 5 more years.

After purchase, your tank can be inspected & tagged at our Filling Station. 8801 NE 117th Ave Vancouver WA 98662 Or call 360-823-1222 for questions.

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